Inca Palo Santo Incense

Inca Palo Santo Incense

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Palo Santo a Spanish-sourced name translated as "holy wood". Used by healers, wizards, and shamans in Latin America and Native Americans cultures. It has a woody, sweet (citrus) scent, ideal for rituals of purification and renewal of energies.

Sold as a single or box of 9. Each stick burns for 120 minutes.

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How to light up:

  1. Use a lighter and touch the flame to the end of the incense for 20 seconds or until the incense begins to flame.

  2. Keep the flame burning until the entire tip of the incense burns end to end.

  3. Blow out flame and make sure the tip glows and smoulders thoroughly.

  4. Incense will continue to burn for 2 hours. To distinguish, rub the tip back and forth to smother out.

  5. Re-light as desired.