Aroma Body Mist

Aroma Body Mist


These products were designed for those who LOVE to smell yummy, but can’t handle synthetic chemical scents found conventional perfumes, cologne, and body sprays. Using essential oils for perfume or cologne is not only workplace friendly, but is also a great way to smell fantastic, feel great and improve your health at the same time! Be prepared to be stopped in the street because you smell that good!

Directions: Spray a desired amount on your body. Aroma Body Mists can be used as a room, linen & bathroom spray. Shake well before using.

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Aroma Variants:

Norwegian Wood: Smoky, sweet and woody, Purdy’s latest creation for both men and woman, opens with top notes of sheer woody cedar with a touch of fir creating visions of lush Canadian forests. At the heart of this scent sits a duo of patchouli and basil to give this blend a sexy vibe. The selection of rich woods with a hint of orange citrus in the base adds warmth and comfort to this distinctive scent.

Sex Panther: Raw dark and distinctive, a strong, intoxicating earthy aroma. Super sexy for those who can handle the slightly sweet & spicy musk. patchouli sits smooth and clean at the heart of this sensual scent to bring out your inner hippie.

FLX’ N Fresh: Wake up and grab life by its soul with the uplifting aromas of lavender eucalyptus and melaleuca. Stimulate mental activity and increase blood flow to the brain with clean and intoxicating scent.  

Bohemian: This scent is for the free spirited, the gypsters, wanderers, adventurers, or vagabonds. Our best selling aroma by far! Usher in a more modern approach to bohemia with this gorgeous blend of essential oils that will for sure get noticed. This is modern bohemia at its most.

Manic: A sexy aroma with a earthy raw masculine edge, infusing an alluring alchemy of blended essential oils with sultry foundations of frankincense and benzoin. The soul of the scent lies in a smouldering base of vetiver, sandalwood, with a touch of sweet vanilla, evoking the smoky seductive essence of summer nights spent fireside in foreign lands.

That’s What’s Up: A rich Indian masterpiece of sensual blooming jasmine with a hidden base of sweet vanilla. The bouquet at the heart wraps around a deep and rich blend of frankincense and dark patchouli adding depth and warmth creating a powerful combination giving this scent a sexy and cool sensibility.

Got Ya: Beautifully feminine yet complex aroma that gives depth and integrity to the modern woman. Mists of spicy coriander, rose and ylang ylang accented by sweet orange, whilst tempered by the earthy pulls of dark patchouli.  This is modern bohemia at its most luxe.  

Sunshine & Lollipops: Whimsical balancing aromas of tangerine, grapefruit and lemon, spiced up with distinct notes of may change and vanilla to soften the aroma. An opening accord of bergamot and orange adds a citrusy zing to brighten your day.

Karmic Soul: A pure, light and liberating aroma with a strong personality, yet surprisingly fresh. Sparks vibrant bursts of sweet may change and grapefruit, immediately awaken the senses. A clear and sensual heart reveals the transparent accords of warm vanilla and ylang ylang. Pure accents of Patchouli as a base note to sex up this popular aroma.