VegFest 2016

We were super pumped to be a part of Vegfest London for the 3rd year in a row. Even more exciting was that this year we got to be sponsors, which is something we dreamed about when we just started out as a new lil’ business. This year we sponsored the photo booth area and had some pretty cool ideas up our sleeves!

What has been so amazing about being a part of the VegFest London community is watching our Forest City, grow and seek out healthier options. We are so happy and honoured to be apart of that change!

“In 2014's debut, VegFest opened its doors to a curious crowd of 3000, with over 700 patrons eager to experience the taste and thought difference within the first hour alone! With an exceptional list of vendors and activities, 2015's event saw over 5000 attendees and a line up around the block before the doors were opened!”

It has been amazing to see so many people excited and interested in their health and to help build the community. It is exactly what the Forest City needs! Thank you VegFest for putting on a well thought-out and organized event.

COMMUNITY + COMPASSION + PLANTS is VegFest's slogan which could have easily been our slogan too - it’s how we run our business and how we live our lives.

Nov 12th, 2016 was a huge success and we can’t wait to continue the VegFest movement with YOU in coming years xx

Thank you London!!

Purdy Natural xx